Horseshoe Bay Resort
Horseshoe Bay

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have internet access?
Yes. Wi-Fi is complimentary to all our guests however there is no guarantee on the speed and reliability of this service.

Is there public transport from Horseshoe Bay Resort into town?
Yes, there is a regular bus service that runs past the resort.

Is the beach close by?
Yes, the beach at Horseshoe Bay Resort is literally at your doorstep. It is only a very short paved walk to the beach.

Are the beaches dog friendly?
Unfortunately Horseshoe Bay is not dog friendly, though Queens Bay is dog friendly and both Kings Beach and Yasso Point are off leash areas.

Are there any restaurants close by?
Yes – Meraki Whitsundays is located right at the beach along with The Cove – Chinese/Thai and Spice N Pepper – Indian nearby.


Horseshoe Bay Resort