Horseshoe Bay Resort
Horseshoe Bay


2024 EVENTS:

2rd February – TAB Race Day – Bowen Turf Club

20th April – Easter Race Day – Bowen Turf Club

Get Active Bowen – Bowen Foreshore

Party Bands in Paradise – Cape Gloucester

1st June – Whitsunday Cup – Bowen Turf Club

8th – 9th June – Race 4 Super Boats Championship – Bowen

23rd June – Rock ‘N Reef Trail Run – Case Park Bowen

25th June – Bowen Show – Bowen Pastoral Agricultural Association

1st – 4th August – Great Barrier Reef Festival – Cruise Whitsundays – Airlie Beach

8th – 11th August – Stonka Fishing Challenge – Cape Gloucester Resort

17th August – Ben Bolt Cup – Bowen Turf Club

18th – 24th August – Lighthouse Walk Opportunity – Bowen (see bottom of page for details)

23nd & 24 August – Bottoms Family Camp Out – Bottoms on the Grass & Bowen River Hotel – Bowen River Hotel

6th – 8th September – Don River Dash – Don River, Bowen

12th October – Bowen Cup Race Day – Bowen Turf Club 

7th – 10th November – Airlie Beach Festival of Music 

2025 EVENTS:

Friday 24th January – TAB Race Meeting – Bowen Turf Club

12th April – Bowen Turf Club

31st May – Whitsunday Cup – Bowen Turf Club



Saturday mornings – Park Run – Ethel Barker Park, Horseshoe Bay Road 

Sunday Mornings – Lions Beachside Markets – Hansen Park 


Light House Walk – Lowest tides of the year – 19th August 3.25pm

If you’re interested in walking over to The North Head Lighthouse unguided, it is best to leave from Dalrymple Point one hour before low tide.
Tide times for this year are as follows:
Protective shoes such as water shoes or crocs are recommended. 
Please walk lightly to ensure minimal damage to the seabed and marine life; please also refrain from touching or picking up any of the marine life.


Horseshoe Bay Resort